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    Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Address: No.82-86 Shibei Industrial Road, Dashi, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 
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    • Vietnam Thien Huong Food Company

      More than 40 years, most of products with "Vi Huong", "Thien Huong" Brands of Thien Huong Food Joint Stock Company (Thien Huong Food JSC) are special interested in by its consumers.

    • Vietnam Vifon Company Limited

      And the KR1A、KR1 Instant Flat Rice Noodle (KWUi Tiew) Production Line of Kennyway is the famous advanced product in China and other countries!

    • Malaysia Twenty-twenty Food Industry Sdn. Bhd

       Twenty-Twenty Food Industry Sdn Bhd is widely recognized as a well-established rice vermicelli manufacturer in Malaysia.It was invested with great capital and substantial supply of grain rice.

    • Japan Acecook (Vietnam) Company

        Founded in 1954, Acecook is an old brand of instant noodles in Japan. Shortened obviously aging time by low temperature(3℃~8℃) aging and carried out continuous production of the line.

    • Want Want China Holdings Limited

      銆?During 2004 and 2005, instant noodles still dominate the domestic market in terms of instant food. At that time, Yunnan Rice Noodles were extremely famous in Yunan.

    • Jinmailang Nissin Food Co., Ltd

      Because the sales quota of instant noodles decreases year by year, the executive level decided to exert the local potato resources and process them into instant potato noodles.

    • Yihai Kerry Group (Arawana)

      After investigation and research, Yihai Kerry Group (Arawana) invested heavily in developing domestic rice noodle market. Such kind of rice wave noodle is one of Chineses traditional noodles.

    • JTM International Food Co., Ltd

      Compared with dry rice noodles, boiled type instant rice noodles won't cause discomfort such as abdominal distension due to its fermentation technology.

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