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    Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Address: No.82-86 Shibei Industrial Road, Dashi, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China 
    Zip Code: 511430 
    Tel: 0086-20-34796825, 84781824 
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    E-mail: kennyway@gzkennyway.com 
    Mobile Phone: 13926154387 Mrs.Lucy
    Quality Control

    1. Strict quality management

    Kennyway strictly monitors the quality of products, from product design, raw material procurement, production process to product packaging, each link should be strictly tested and monitored to achieve high standards, refinement, zero defects. The company fully implements the ISO 9001 quality standard, and ensures that the product quality is at the forefront of the industry through continuous invention, innovation, improvement of production technology and application of new technologies. In 2010, the company's series products were awarded "Famous and Excellent Products of Guangdong Province" by "National High-tech Quality Supervision Committee".

    • The ISO9001 international quality management system certification
    • The ISO9001 international quality management system certification
    • Guangdong high quality products (2013) 
    • Guangdong high quality products (2010) 
    • Obtaining CE Certificate of EU
    • KR1A-35 Instant Shahe Powder Production Line Obtained National Certificate of Achievement of Grain and Oil Science and Technology
    • KR1A-35-Instant Shahe Powder Production Line Achieved National-Home Grain and Oil Science and Technology Achievement Certificate
    • The excellence awards of Guangzhou industrial design in 2005
    • SOYARROZ Food Company in Argentina republic donated a medal "Exquisite technology, forever friendship"
    • SOYARROZ Food Company in Argentina republic donated a medal "Exquisite technology, forever friendship"
    • Guangdong high quality products (2014) 


    The technicians are sampling the machine and strictly controlling the quality.

    2. Strong technical strength

    Jianli Machinery has a team of first-class technical talents led by outstanding scholars and experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council and Mr. Qi Junjun, a famous non-standard mechanical design expert in China. He also works closely with scientific research units and experts in the scientific and technological circles, and has several invention patents and dozens of inventions. Practical technology provides a strong technical strength for the research and development of a series of rice noodles, fans and noodle products.

    3. Unified corporate identity system

    Jianli Machinery attaches great importance to corporate brand image. Through the application of “Jianli” and “Kennyway” logos, the company has a high reputation at home and abroad, unifying the identification trademarks of the company's products, and high standards and full The implementation of the orientation has formed a sound modern enterprise management system.

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