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    Kennyway's New Invention of Straight Noodles Loosening Machine
    Category: Company News
    Date: 2015-10-23
    Author: 健力

     After examination, the State Intellectual Property Office on April 29th, 2015 approved and authorized the invention patent application of straight rice noodle loosening machine designed by Kennyway's chief engineer He Shibin and electrical engineer Li Lei, as well as issued the certificate of invention patent of straight rice noodle loosening machine. 
     The old-fashioned process of loosening straight rice noodles is completed by manual. Operators hang the straight noodles evenly and vertically on the rails, and then put the noodles together with the rails into the water groove to soak. Then they use hands to knead the noodles in the water in order to separate them. After that, operators fish out the noodles and rails from the groove and then fix the rails, and then take combs to comb the noodles until the sticky noodles are totally separated. Finally, the noodles and rails are put into the conveyor to be sent to the next proces
     Refering to the traditional operating principle, our company devoted a lot to designing a set of machine replacing handwork with machinery—straight noodle loosening machine. This machine is related to several processes: Firstly, rails where straight noodles are hung are sent into the soaking and spraying device; secondly, the straight noodles are combed through water; thirdly, after mechanical combing, the combed and separated noodles are conveyed to the next process. Therefore, all the soaking, kneading and combing processes are operated automatically by machine, which makes automatic production easily realized, labour intensity largely declined and loosening efficiency and quality greatly improved. 
     This technology of loosening straight noodles automatically has been successfully adopted by a domestic famous food processing enterprise engaged in producing straight noodles. Due to the simple structure, feature of saving energy and protecting environment, continuous production and being free from repeated and complicated manual operation, this invention can be smoothly adopted, achieving the continuous and automatic production of straight noodles and vigorously pushing the development process of industrialization of our staple food. 


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