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    Guangzhou Kennyway Relocation Announcement
    Category: Company News
    Date: 2016-05-19
    Author: 健力

    Dear customers :

         Presently because of our manufacturer development need , Guangzhou kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co.,Ltd will move to the new address :No10-108 Shibei Avenue Huijiang Section ,Dashi ,Panyu district ,Guangzhou  from 23th ,May ,2016 to 25th May ,2016 .During removel period , all of our online service and fixed phone will be debugged and not available ,Our mobilephone will availabe for your contact . We apologize for any inconvenience caused . Kennyway will restore our communication network as soon as possible for further to provide  you with better products and service . Thanks again for your long-term support and cooperation .


    Best regard 

    New address: No 10-108 Shibei Avenue Huijiang Section ,Dashi ,Panyu district ,Guangzhou .

    Contact Cell phone  :+86 13926154387  , +86 13924296881 

    Post Code : 511430 


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                                                                                                                                                                                   19th May 2016

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